Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Church Hill, Arkesden
Please click on the following link to find details of the intended closure of Church Hill, due to commence on 18th July 2022 for 3 days. The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Affinity Water undertakes new connection.

Jubilee weekend

The village enjoyed a fantastic Jubilee weekend, thank you to all the organisers and also to Craig for keeping the children active on Sunday and for Mark who took   

some awesome photos!

Also thanks to John for help transporting table/chairs etc and for providing the vehicle for the photo shoot!


Letter to the Village

St Mary the Virgin Parish Church, Arkesden
Letter to the Village
3rd May 2022
Dear Friends
Before the pandemic, the Parochial Church Council (PCC) had been consulting with you about modernising the church to make it a more comfortable and flexible space while retaining its beauty and traditional qualities. We were about to present to you a plan based on feedback we received from you when the pandemic struck. Two years later, we find that we must reconsider the future of the church in Arkesden.
The modernisation project was designed because the PCC was aware that the church was facing critical decline and that people were being put off coming to church or using the building because it was so inhospitable. Over the last two years, however, fewer congregational members have returned to worship and the membership of the PCC has been much reduced. Similarly, others have not been able to support the church as actively as previously. This means that we have reached a critical point where the PCC feels it will not be able to either manage the building or run services in the church for very much longer.
We are faced with two main options:
1. We close the church and allow a Diocesan trust to carry out minimal maintenance on the building and churchyard.
2. We lease the church to a community trust of village residents who will manage the building for the good of the whole village.
Which option we take depends on whether or not the village is willing to take responsibility for the funding, maintenance and management of the building. We must emphasise that there is no money in the national church or the Diocese of Chelmsford other than for the minimal support in option one.
We would like to invite you, therefore, to a consultation meeting on Monday 23rd May 2022 at 7.30 p.m. in the Parish Church to explore the above options and hear any other suggestions.
Yours sincerely
Revd Margaret Davis (Vicar) and the PCC

The Axe and Compasses

Dear Arkesden residents,
By now you’ll have all heard or seen the devastation which has befallen our own beloved Axe and Compasses. Our thoughts, prayers, sympathy, and sadness are extended to all members of the Christou family and to those residents of our own village family who have been part of the pub for many years on both sides of the bar. We are so grateful no one was hurt, no lives were lost and that the blaze did not engulf homes on either side.

Having said that, seeing the destruction wrought by the fire has been comparable to facing the completely unexpected death of an old friend. Over the next days and weeks as the shock abates, decisions will be taken as to what next. But for now, we mourn our old friend the Axe and stand united in grateful thanks to the Christou family and their hard working staff for all the warmth, kindness, and generous hospitality all at the Axe have shown us these past three decades.

(Susan Erb on behalf of the Arkseden Parish Council )

Message from Arkesden Parish Council

As we are all aware the situation in Ukraine is very upsetting and concerning. Our thoughts and sympathy are with everyone who is affected. We thought the following information might be helpful.
Parish Councils are not allowed to make donations of money to disaster appeals unless they directly benefit the parish and its parishioners. However, we can help by signposting how people can help:
• The best current Government advice is to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee Appeal (DEC) via the website
The DEC is co-ordinating the efforts of 15 agencies to help people who have fled Ukraine or been displaced to other parts of the country, following the invasion by Russia. The organisations involved know the situation on the ground and are able to source exactly what is needed.
The government has also launched its Homes for Ukraine scheme. See:
This scheme will offer a route to those who want to come to the UK who have someone here willing to provide them with a home. It will enable individuals, charities, community groups and businesses to volunteer accommodation and provide a route to safety for Ukrainians, and their immediate family members, forced to escape their homeland.

Advance notice – Road closure for drainage improvements on Clatterbury Lane, Saffron Walden

We would like to make you aware preparations are being made to carry out drainage improvements on a section of Clatterbury Lane from Monday 28 March 2022 and expected to take approximately five days to complete.


The works will be carried out between the hours of 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. During working hours, it will be necessary to close a section of Clatterbury Lane in order to carry out the works in a safe manner. Traffic restrictions will be lifted outside of working hours to minimise disruption.


Access for residents located within the road closure will be maintained.


Residents/Businesses in the immediate vicinity will shortly receive a letter providing further details.


Details of other works in the area can be viewed from (formerly


I have realised since I became involved last June how lucky Arkesden has been over the years to have people prepared to give up some of their time to serve as parish councillors. What we do on the council may not change the world but we can try to change our community for the better – and sometimes do. Councillors even seem to enjoy it!

Whilst all councillors have to be formally elected or re-elected every five years from time to time vacancies arise and we aim to keep the council at six members with a variety of skills and backgrounds but all united by their commitment to our beautiful village. We have such a casual vacancy now.

It is always good to know who would be keen or consider serving as a councillor either now or at some stage in the future. You can also support in other ways to help you decide.

So my message is ‘Arkesden needs you!’ and please get in touch with me, or with Susan Erb, the Clerk of the Parish Council or any of the other councillors if that person could be you.

John May

01799 550233



Temporary Traffic Regulation Order of Hampit Road/Church Hill & Main Street, Arkesden

Please click on the following link to find details of the intended closure of Hampit Road/Church Hill & Main Street, due to commence on 28th February 2022 for 1 day.

The closure is required for the safety of the public and workforce while Openreach undertakes blockage clearance.

Arkesden Village Hooley – 2nd October

The village committees have organised an Arkesden village Harvet / end of lockdown party on Saturday 2nd October. There will be a fabulous live band, food trucks and cash bar at the beautiful barn at Newlands End…details attached! Any proceeds will be shared amongst the village committees to support our lovely village! We look forward to seeing you at the knees up on Saturday 2nd!

Tickets from: Debbie May <> or Amanda Crabb <>


Butterfly Count Friday 16 July – Sunday 8 August 2021

Big Butterfly Count

Wildlife lovers are being urged to take part in the annual Big Butterfly Count to help assess the state of nature in UK gardens this summer.

 What is the Big Butterfly count?

The Big Butterfly Count is the world’s largest butterfly survey. Butterfly scientists will use the data gained over a three week period to assess where conservation efforts should be targeted in the future. The data is crucial to butterfly specialists wanting to learn more about the population and habits of various butterflies.


Please view these websites for further information.