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November 2017

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So far this Autumn has been dry and fairly mild.  However, nature and our gardens need the cold, frosty weather over winter.

The garden never sleeps, and all winter there are subtle but vital changes taking place. Under the soil, the cold is working its magic on seeds, bulbs and roots. Even the chill winds have a role to play to ensure flowers and fruits appear later in the year.

Without the winter cold, gardens would be less beautiful in the summer.

A period of cold weather is essential to many plants and crops. Without it, some would struggle to grow at all, while others would not flower or produce crops.

One example of crops that need a cold spell are fruit trees such as apples, plums and pears. If temperatures remain high, these trees would not come into growth in spring, nor produce flower buds. In a process known as vernalisation, the reduction in daylight initially induces the trees to go dormant. They shed their leaves, which would require too much energy to maintain in winter when they make less food. Then the trees must be exposed to a certain number of days with a minimum temperature, usually less than 7°C. Only when this has happened are they ready to burst into growth and bloom when temperatures rise. This process is designed to ensure this happens in spring, and not in autumn.

So when we start to feel chilly outside, just remember- cold weather over winter is good thing!

September 2017

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The warm weather has been replaced by wind and rain and it’s starting to feel Autumnal!

The end of the summer also means blackberries. It’s been a great month so far for blackberries, I’ve been out picking and have made some fantastic crumbles.   The birds have also enjoyed feasting on the berries.  The hedgerows are brimming with hawthorn and all sorts of other varieties which the birds love to feed on.

To see some gardening tips for September on how to best garden for wild-life, see the RSPB website link



June 2017

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It’s been one of the driest springs on record, but we finally have some rain. The sunny, dry weather has made it a joy to go outside and enjoy nature and the beautiful views around Arkesden.
Here are a few pictures I took last week.


February 2017

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I’ve been away for 10 days and have come back to what feels like spring! What a fantastic time of year. This morning in my garden I heard a frog croaking (looking for a mate I think) I saw butterflies, bees and sparrows with bits of feathers in their beaks starting to make their nests. The wildlife has been busy today!
While out walking I could hear the sound of skylarks and I saw yellowhammers in the fields. The lesser celandine is now flowering and along with the snowdrops gives a lovely splash of colour to the roadsides.
I love this time of year!

Winter – January 2017

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Happy New Year! Well, it most definitely feels like winter, and there’s even been a sprinkling of snow.
I’ve spotted a lot of field fares this winter, usually on the arable fields, but on occasion in my garden, pecking at the remains of the fallen apples under the apple tree.
They are large, colourful thrushes, a little like mistle thrushes in behaviour and size. They normally arrive in the UK in October and their numbers increase as winter progresses.
On my bird-feeders this winter there’s mainly been blue and great tits, house sparrows, robins and the odd chaffinch and gold finch. I also see a lot of wrens, they like to hang out my the garden pond.
Make sure you remember to feed the birds in this cold spell- and also remember to regularly clean your bird feeders and put out water.
28th to 30th Jan is the RSPB bird count- do get involved, see link for more info
Happy wild life watching!

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