Welcome to the website for our picturesque Essex village.

News from Arkesden Parish Council

Rupert Bull is the lead councillor in looking at more clubs and activities in Arkesden.  A flyer has been sent to each household outlining proposals and we very much look forward to your feedback. Please send your opinions to rupert.bull@eurodistributionsol.co.uk

Thank you

Polite notice:

Would all Walkers & Dog walkers please keep to the designated footpaths which are well marked.

Defibrillator training:

We have had two training session which have been enthusiastically  attended.  If you would like to take advantage of this training please contact Steve Coltman.

Update on the Local Plan. The Local Plan is now published with a revised figure for housing of 14,100 by 2033 and with 8000 existing planning applications or already built, there is now a requirement for 6,100 new homes.  The new plan is proposing 3 new settlements – one at Great Chesterford, one at Great Easton and one at Great Saling (in conjunction with Braintree). Public consultation is between 12th July and 29th August.

The draft plan has a busy timetable ahead starting 29 June 2017, until March 2018 when submission of the plan to the Planning Inspectorate. Depending on his timetable, the Inspector could make his decision on the plan by next summer. *To view the PPWG agenda, visit www.uttlesford.gov.uk/ppwg29june. All related local plan material is available at www.uttlesfford.gov.uk/new-local-plan

The latest Gypsy and Traveller needs survey indicates that there are no Travellers that fall within the new definition for Travellers that would require site allocations.  Therefore there are no site allocations for Gypsy/Travellers in the new local plan.

Layby on the hill – The wildflower seeding at the layby seems to have not germinated properly. The clerk will talk with the contractors.

Steve Coltman (Clerk)