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May 2020

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It has been the most glorious spring for nature, warm weather with some rain has created the perfect conditions, particularly for birds and insects. The swifts and swallows have started to arrive, and if it’s too dry they can’t build their nests as they need mud for this. Similarly, many birds need soft ground to be able to feed on their favourite meal- worms!

I’ve seen and heard many skylarks in the famer’s fields- what a lovely sound they make. They are noisy! Sadly, I’ve not heard a cuckoo- it’s numbers have dropped by 65% since the 1980’s. It’s such a shame, it has the most beautiful sound. The last time I heard one in Arkesden was about 4 years ago. If you have any interesting wild life pictures for this page, please do send them in. Satu@satusfaction.com