The Axe and Compasses

Dear Arkesden residents,
By now you’ll have all heard or seen the devastation which has befallen our own beloved Axe and Compasses. Our thoughts, prayers, sympathy, and sadness are extended to all members of the Christou family and to those residents of our own village family who have been part of the pub for many years on both sides of the bar. We are so grateful no one was hurt, no lives were lost and that the blaze did not engulf homes on either side.

Having said that, seeing the destruction wrought by the fire has been comparable to facing the completely unexpected death of an old friend. Over the next days and weeks as the shock abates, decisions will be taken as to what next. But for now, we mourn our old friend the Axe and stand united in grateful thanks to the Christou family and their hard working staff for all the warmth, kindness, and generous hospitality all at the Axe have shown us these past three decades.

(Susan Erb on behalf of the Arkseden Parish Council )