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The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Arkesden is an important focal point in the local community. A large number of people attend and care for the Church, and services are held most Sundays at 9.30am, and 8am on the third Sunday of the month, either Holy Communion Services or Family Services, and everyone is warmly welcome.

Evening Prayer is said most Wednesday evenings at 5.30 pm. The Priest in Charge is Rev Margaret Davis and the Church Warden is Cathy Miles.

Arkesden Parochial Church Council

Arkesden is both a civil and a religious parish. Its civil or secular side is managed by the Parish Council and the religious side is the responsibility of the Parochial Church Council or PCC for short.

Arkesden is one of the six Church of England parishes (the others being Berden, Clavering, Langley, Manuden and Wicken Bonhunt) which together make up the benefice, which in turn is part of the Saffron Walden deanery. The deanery is one of twenty four deaneries which comprise the Diocese of Chelmsford.

Each benefice is normally the responsibility of one incumbent or priest, in our case the Reverend Margaret Davis, who is the chairperson of the PCC. Other members are the churchwarden(s) – currently Cathy Miles – and various laity representatives elected annually at the annual parochial church meeting (or APCM) which is usually held in April. To be a lay representative a person must be on the parish electoral roll which, as its name suggests, is the church’s register of its voting members. To be on the roll you have to have been baptised, either live in the parish or worship regularly at the parish church for at least six months and be part of the life of the local congregation.

The PCC, which enjoys charitable status, is responsible for the financial affairs of the church parish and for the upkeep of the church building and its contents. It also serves to assist the vicar in the management of church affairs in the parish and in promoting the mission of the church.

The PCC elects various post-holders – the secretary, the treasurer – currently Susan Erb and Steve Elvidge respectively – and a number of side persons who help at church services.

Safeguarding Policy

We are committed to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults.
The Church Council has adopted the Church of England’s policies and best practice on safeguarding, which may be found on the Church of England’s website:, or on the safeguarding pages of the Chelmsford Diocese:

Details of our Parish Safeguarding Representative can be found on the notice board in the parish church and the Christian Centre.
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