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Date verifiedRef. no.AddressDescriptionStatus
Fri 10th Nov, 2023UTT/23/2835/FUL6 Quicksie Hill ArkesdenS73 application to vary condition 3 (ancillary use) of UTT/21/0466/HHF (Proposed annexe)Awaiting decision - comments due 12 December 2023
Wed 8th Nov, 2023UTT/23/2822/OPLand Known As Dingey Dell Wenden Road Arkesden, next to Ash Tree RiseOutline planning application with all matters reserved except access and layout for the erection of 4 no. semi-detached 2-bed cottages, new access onto Wenden Road, and all associated works.Awaiting Decision - comments due 14 December 2023
Thu 26th Oct, 2023UTT/23/2677/LB and UTT/23/2676/HHFBulls Green Cottage, Clodmore Hill CB11 4HQProposed single storey rear extensionAwaiting decision - comments due 23 November 2023
Wed 25th Oct, 2023UTT/23/2706/PAR3, DEVELOPMENTBuildings to the Rear Of Mulberry House Wenden RoadPrior Notification of change of use of agricultural building to flexible commercial use (Use Class E(g)(i)).AWaiting decision - comments due 20 November 2023
Mon 21st Aug, 2023UTT/23/2128/PAQ3Barn Rear Of Mulberry House Wenden RoadPrior Notification of change of use of agricultural building to 3 no. dwellingsPrior Approval Approved
Wed 26th Jul, 2023UTT/23/1911/FULLand South Of Hampit RoadIntroduction of an agricultural field access | Land South Of Hampit Road ArkesdenAwaiting decision
Wed 12th Jul, 2023UTT/23/1770/LBGreat Becketts, Duddenhoe End RoadReplacement windowsRefused
Mon 10th Jul, 2023UTT/23/1744/LBHill House Main Street ArkesdenInternal alterations to kitchen, rear entrance areas and to 2 no. fireplace hearths. Alteration to form 2 no. windows and 1 no. door in rear drawing room bay windowApproved with Conditions
Fri 16th Jun, 2023UTT/23/1529/LB and UTT/23/1528/HHFBulls Green Cottage, Clodmore Hill CB11 4HQRaise chimneystack; reinstate two inglenook fireplaces; secondary glazing to windows; new oil tank and boiler and the provision of a car park hardstanding at the front of the house.Approved with Conditions
Tue 9th May, 2023UTT/23/1170/HHFAnsgar House Wood Hall Arkesden Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4HAReplacement pool enclosure and demolition of the existing pool enclosure.Approved with Conditions
Fri 28th Apr, 2023UTT/23/0575/CLEPump Cottage Hampit RoadCertificate of lawfulness for construction of two storey first floor front extension and window to ground floor rear approved under UTT/0475/06/FUL without discharging of pre commencement conditions.Approve certificate of lawfulness
Wed 22nd Feb, 2023UTT/23/0457/TPOThe Axe And Compasses2no. yew- reduction in height by 1/3 and totem pole the treesTree Granted
Fri 17th Feb, 2023UTT/23/0360/HHF13 Quicksie Hill, ArkesdenPart two storey, part single storey rear/side extension and single storey front extensionApproved with Conditions
Thu 16th Feb, 2023UTT/23/0411/DOCSeptember Hill Wicken RoadApplication to discharge condition 2 (Biodiversity enhancement) attached to UTT/21/2729/HHF.Discharge conditions in full
Tue 24th Jan, 2023UTT/23/0179/TCAElm Lea (The Willows), Arkesden1no. Sycamore - Reduce 2.5m back to the original pruning pointsTree No Objections
Tue 10th Jan, 2023UTT/23/0057/FULCrathie, Hampit RoadVariation of condition 2 (approved plans) attached to UTT/22/0577/FUL to allow amendments to the approved plansApproved with Conditions
Fri 6th Jan, 2023UTT/22/3501/HHFElmbrook Clatterbury LaneProposed demolition of existing outbuilding and construction of a home workshop.Approved with Conditions