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Date verifiedRef. no.AddressDescriptionStatus
Fri 11th Nov, 2022UTT/22/3014/FULRear Of September Hill Wicken RoadApplication to remove condition 11 (building regulations) attached to UTT/21/1293/FUL.Awaiting decision
Tue 8th Nov, 2022APP/C1570/W/22/3306121Buildings to the Rear of Mulberry House, Wenden Road (see UTT/21/3746/FUL )Demolition of redundant agricultural buildings to provide for nine dwellings with associated gardens, private access, and landscaping. Appeal against UDC decision to refuse.Hearing in progress; comments due 13 December 2022.
Mon 7th Nov, 2022UTT/22/3030/HHFThe Lodge Wood HallGarage conversion to annexe.Awaiting decision
Mon 31st Oct, 2022UTT/22/2974/DOCThe Axe And CompassesApplication to discharge condition 3 (materials) attached to UTT/22/2342/LBDischarge conditions in part
Fri 21st Oct, 2022UTT/22/2890/FULLand South Of Stocks Mead Wicken RoadConstruction of one dwelling.Awaiting decision
Thu 20th Oct, 2022UTT/22/2869/HHFThe Lodge, Wood HallPart two storey, part single storey rear extensionAwaiting decision
Wed 19th Oct, 2022UTT/22/2860/HHFTatlocks Cottage ArkesdenRaising of chimneyAwaiting decision
Wed 19th Oct, 2022UTT/22/2862/LBTatlocks Cottage ArkesdenRaising of chimneyAwaiting decision
Mon 10th Oct, 2022UTT/22/2785/TCAGlebe Cottage Wicken RoadReduce by 30% and uplift branches 1 no. yew tree. Remove dead box hedge from front of house.Tree no Objections
Mon 26th Sep, 2022UTT/22/2647/HHFThe Willows ArkesdenGarage conversion to Annexe including rear extension and raise ridgeApproved with Conditions
Tue 20th Sep, 2022UTT/22/2580/DOCSeptember Hill Wicken RoadApplication to discharge condition 14 (Biodiversity enhancement layout) attached to UTT/21/1293/FULDischarge conditions in full
Mon 12th Sep, 2022UTT/22/2534/FULMonks Cottage Wood HallErection of replacement dwelling and detached double carportAwaiting decision
Tue 6th Sep, 2022UTT/22/2477/CLEThe Beehive, Wicken RoadChange of use to residential gardenApprove Certificate of Lawfulness
Tue 30th Aug, 2022UTT/22/2342/LBThe Axe and Compass, Main StreetReinstatement of fire damaged thatch building.Approved with Conditions
Wed 3rd Aug, 2022UTT/22/2170/TPOThe Green Man, Main Street.One Walnut - Reduce back to previous pruning points 3-4m. 1no- Sycamore - Reduce back to previous pruning points 4-5m.Allowed
Mon 1st Aug, 2022UTT/22/1707/FULLand At Chauffeurs Cottage Wood HallErection of detached house and ancillary worksAwaiting decision
Fri 1st Jul, 2022UTT/22/1894/DOCSeptember Hill Wicken Road ArkesdenApplication to discharge condition 13 (Badger Method Statement) attached to UTT/21/1293/FULDischarge conditions in full
Fri 1st Jul, 2022UTT/22/1840/DOCDeans Meadow, Wicken Road, ArkesdenApplication to discharge condition 2 (materials), 4 (Badger method statement), 5 (Biodiversity enhancement layout), 6 (lighting design scheme), 7 (Ecology time limits) and 8 (hard/soft landscaping) attached to UTT/21/2204/FULDischarge conditions in full
Tue 28th Jun, 2022UTT/22/1663/HHFBaileys Wicken RoadInstallation of 7 no. solar panels to rear slope of garage roof.Approved with Conditions
Thu 23rd Jun, 2022UTT/22/1721/DOCHoneybrook House, Main StreetApplication to discharge condition 2 (Biodiversity method statement) 3 (Biodiversity enhancement layout) attached to UTT/21/1471/HHF.Discharge conditions in full
Mon 30th May, 2022UTT/22/1544/HHFNew Cottage Wicken RoadSection 73A Retrospective application for single storey extension with pitched roof, bi-fold doors and window to rear and black stained boarding to right side and rear.Approved
Mon 25th Apr, 2022UTT/22/1150/NMAReubens Wicken Road ArkesdenNon material amendment to UTT/21/0790/FUL including infill between garage and conservatory, pitched roof, bi fold doors and window to rear. Black stained boarding to right and rear sideRefused (delegated decision)
Fri 22nd Apr, 2022UTT/22/1118/DOCSeptember Hill Wicken Road ArkesdenApplication to discharge condition 3 (materials), 4 (hard/soft landscaping), 13 (badger method statement) and 14 (Biodiversity enhancement layout) attached to UTT/21/1293/FULDischarge conditions in part
Thu 14th Apr, 2022UTT/22/0577/FULCrathie Hampit Road ArkesdenErection of a pair of semi-detached dwellings along with access, landscaping, associated infrastructure and revised access arrangements for CrathieApproved with Conditions
Mon 21st Feb, 2022UTT/22/0523/DOCSeptember Hill Wicken RoadApplication to discharge condition 2 (Biodiversity enhancement) attached to UTT/21/2729/HHFRefused