Arkesden History Society

After a few years in abeyance, ithe Arkesden History Society has been re-activated. Since 1976, Kathleen Barwood ran a successful society, inviting many interesting speakers to share on various topics from the Sinking of the Titanic to local timber framed houses. Miss Barwood also wrote regularly in the village magazine on the history of local houses and other village related topics. In 2020, the Society has been revitalised with the purpose of both collecting Arkesden village history and recording and publish it for future generations. Arkesden’s history is fascinating and long and deserves to be recorded.

Rupert Bull has taken up the role of Recorder by the Recorders of Uttlesford and created a closed facebook group ( ) which now has 130 odd members including members of the Beadle family late of Wood Hall. The current History Society has three aims: establish and maintain an archive of Arkesden village history; encourage and record archaeological discovery around the Parish; and engage in exploring the History of Art and Architecture. The initial meeting was held on St Patrick’s Day and a constitution ratified on St George’s day. The society has 30 active members, but more are encouraged to join.

Current plans include a summer exhibition and survey and field walk over the castle site behind Quicksie Hill. It is our hope that we will attract new material for the archive through the exhibition and through the activities.

New members are welcome no-sub until April 2022. See membership Form and Constitution below or contact for further information.