Welcome to the website for our picturesque Essex village.

General Information

The Parish Council consists of six elected councillors and a clerk. It meets on the third Monday of each month at 7.30pm in the village hall and members of the public are welcome to attend.

The Parish Council is responsible for setting a budget each year in order to maintain the village greens, to insure the playing field and to liaise with the District Council and other authorities. It is able to comment on planning applications and other consultations that may affect the village in any way. The Parish Council also undertakes various projects in the village as identified in the Village Plan. All the money for this work is raised through the parish precept, which is collected from each household through the council tax.

The councillors are elected every four years and the current council was elected in 2015. Your Parish Councillors are listed below:




Rod Higgins Tel: 01799 550411

e-mail:  rodhiggin@tiscali.co.uk

Church Green Cottage


Essex   CB11 4HB

Vice Chairman

Robert Patmore Tel: 01799 550251

e-mail: robertpatmore1@yahoo.co.uk

11 Long Ley

Langley Upper Green

Essex   CB11 4RX

Chris Coady Tel: 01799 550201

e-mail: christine.coady@btinternet.com



Essex CB11 4EX

Satu Lawrence Tel: 01799 550625

e-mail: Satu@satusfaction.com

Dunkeld, Hampit Road


Essex CB11 4HJ


Ted Buttling Tel: 01799 551921

e-mail: ted.buttling@btinternet.com

Plash Hill House


Essex CB11 4HB

Rupert Bull Tel: 01799 550305 / 550660

e-mail: rupert.bull@eurodistritributionsol.co.uk

The Old Maltings

Wenden Road


Essex CB11 4HB


Steve Coltman Tel: 01799 550217

e-mail: arkesdenclerk@hotmail.com

e-mail: stevecoltman@gmail.com

Clodmore Hill Farm


Essex  CB11 4HQ